Things to Do in Edmonton, AB, Canada This Summer!


Being born and raised in Edmonton, AB, Canada you come to feel like there isn’t much to do in the city. While that can sometimes be true in what feels like the endless winter we are often experiencing, the same doesn’t hold true for summer time in the city. Summer in Edmonton has no shortage of events and festivals to attend, which is why National Geographic has rated Edmonton the number 1 travel destination this summer. So, if you are thinking of visiting the city either this summer or a future summer, allow me to highlight a few of my favourite festivals and events in the city in no particular order.

1. Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

This 10-day festival welcomes dozens of performers from around the world to excite and delight the audience with out of this world performances. There is truly something for everyone at this festival, and a unique element to the festival is that admission is free but if you enjoy the performance enough you can leave a token of your appreciation in the hat that gets passed around at the end. July 5-14, 2019

2. A Taste of Edmonton

This festival is the highlight of my summer. Over 50 of the city’s most loved and enjoyed restaurants take over a few blocks of downtown to allow patrons to sample small bites of their prized dishes. You are able to purchase tickets which you use as currency to buy the dishes you are most interested in trying. A warning that this festival leaves you very stuffed by the time you’re done making your rounds! July 18-28, 2019

3. Servus Heritage Festival

Even though this festival only runs for 3 days, it is one of the festivals that makes us proud to be Edmontonians. This festival honours Alberta’s rich diversity, by setting up pavilions of countries that our residents hailed from. You name it, the country is there and with it, comes delicious authentic cuisine and traditional dress and dance. I have been attending this event since I was a child, and it continues to get better every year. If you will be in the city the first weekend of August, it isn’t worth missing. August 3-5

4. K- Days Festival

I share some of my fondest summer childhood moments at K-Days. It is your standard summer fair/carnival, but I have a serious weakness for carnival food! It’s a great way to spend a day from hitting the rides, checking out the trade shows, and watching some really great bands and artists hit the stage singing your favourites. The only things better than what I just mentioned, are the legendary foot long corn dogs and fresh lemonade you can enjoy and ending your day with a fireworks display. July 19-28, 2019

5. Edmonton Folk Music Festival

This is the only festival out of what I’ve listed here, that I have yet to attend only because usually all of my coworkers were going, so I had to work and cover them! Folk fest is a 4-day outdoor festival that brings in some pretty big names in music. This year will see Hozier and Scenic Route to Alaska hit the stage at Gallagher Hill playing dreamy sunset sets. August 8-11, 2019