Your September Playlist


As a musician, I have always loved to develop playlists that allow me to immerse myself into a world of constant creativity and sound. In this current world of crisis, we all must find our own ways to just… chill. So, for this month-- a month of color and falling leaves-- a month of sweater weather and reasonably-sized T-Shirts that are being dug out of our closets—I have found my way to chill and vibe with the breezy winds, and I want to reach this recipe out to you.

Honey – Johny Balik: “ooh, it don’t taste like summer no more”. That’s right, it really doesn’t. But it’s not a sad song reminiscing the good ol’ days, it’s a relaxing song that brings you into your reality and makes it better. His slow tempo and classical jazzy bass with snaps to a cozy rhythm are just everything.

Looking at Me—Sabrina Carpenter: “if you think they’re looking at you, they’re looking at me!” Sabrina’s newest album: Singular (Act II) is ON FIRE! What a way to start your afternoon with some self-love after having to transition back into school. The G minor on this song creates a malicious feeling, but a good feeling! Mwahahaha. 

Know Myself—Justine Skye, Vory: I love the mellow, nonchalant beat with the classic, soft electric piano, tied with the modern trap styled voice. Definitely gives off a relaxing but upbeat feeling when starting the day. Not to mention, Vory balances it just right with her beautiful elegance. 

Debbie Downer—Maeta: “Moody, moody, call me what you want…” I love this song whenever I feel moody, and September may definitely bring out some moody feelings—just like any month of the year! Sometimes we feel tired starting school or getting back into our routines and stepping away from summer time. Definitely very empathetic in its lyrics, tied into a mellow beat with Maesta’s voice echoing the mood of her lyrics. 

Seems So—Nia Andrews: “Cause once you love me I don’t let go…”. If you’re a fan of modern jazz with a steady beat, yet looking for something to real you in and make you feel soulful, this song is for you! We all need something new like this for every month of the year. I love the use of the traditional piano and bongos in the back. The song is so raw and it feels live! Even if you don’t love jazzy sounds, give it a try. I good sound to hear while riding a bike, passing by the trees as leaves fall from them.

Borderline—Tame Impala: Best. For. Last. As soon as I listened to this song, I couldn’t stop. The C Minor leads you in so quickly, with dark, hypnotic elements of complexity in the synths and traditional instrumentals. And the voice! The lightness fits perfectly into the complex puzzle this song as but makes you want to continue to try and solve. Definitely a nice song to play on the weekends on your headphones. The bass is killer, you don’t want to miss out on that!

So, there you go. A diverse, relaxing, soulful and deep listen for you to fill your September with. If you love one of the songs or feel like you could add to this playlist, please comment down below! Music is purely a culture and a community—we all want to listen to what others have!