4 Blissful Ideas for Achieving your Summer Goals


Can you believe that August has arrived in all of it’s glory? Just a few days ago it was July, and just a few weeks ago it was as June. Time is pretty much flying at this point however please note that summer doesn’t officially end until September (in most parts of the world) so before you start doing away with your summer dresses, buying your best fall outfits and trying on your winter boots (that’s currently hidden away in your winter shoe rack) here are a few ideas below to spark up some creativity and make the next part of Summer the best part of Summer! There’s still plenty of time to do all of the cool things that you’d love to do over this delightful season. 

Here are 4 Blissful Ideas for Achieving your Summer Goals

Focus on how you want to feel each day: 

Often we get clarity on what we want to achieve in terms of our practical goals, productivity, success, aspirations and activities, we check off our to-do-lists, and we are active in accomplishing our daily (or weekly tasks) in our careers, businesses and in our lives generally. But what we sometimes fail to do is to focus on how we want to feel on a daily or weekly basis. To make the most of summer that you’ve got left (and increase your chances of achieving your blissful summer goals) consider doing things in a slightly different way. Journal everyday and ask yourself how you want to feel. Write down one beautiful word that describes how you want to feel (how you want to feel either throughout the day or by the end of the day) and create at least 3 ideas for achieving this feeling. So if your word for the day is ‘Nourished’ ideas that might spring to mind could be 1) Go for a 30 minute walk with the dogs at 10am, 2) Make a delicious Tuna Salad for lunch, 3) Have a bubble bath in the evening (instead of having a shower). If you do this daily you’ll feel so much more invigorated, uplifted and inspired to actually go out there and achieve your bigger goals and activities , without feeling super stressed out, bored,burned out, exhausted. 

2) Dedicate at least 2-3 hrs of uninterrupted time to  focus on getting your important tasks and activities done: 

Scheduling in set time to focus on important tasks can really increase your performance and your productivity. This can include doing things like blogging, creating videos, working through biz activities, checking emails, doing laundry, working on your project, painting and the list goes on. Block out time based on when you are typically most productive and get important tasks done for instance I often notice that I tend to get most of my work done between 12-4pm as I often feel a bit more energised around this time, I notice that I feel more energised around 6-9pm too. So I get things done around these times the most. So figure out when you are most alert and energised and do your tasks then also for maximum success. 

3) Create an Environment for Success: 

Over the summer, people often get affected by heat, they tend to feel hot and bothered, especially in this month of August as it tends to be the hottest month of the year, so preparation is truly the key! So be sure to create an atmosphere to get your work done that actually encourages you to succeed. Some of the ways that I’ve been able to achieve this is I sometimes use a Co-working space to get away from my home office and home environment, I buy a box of ice lollipops to have (now and then) to keep me cool and refreshed. I use a fan to keep the breeze flowing, I also love buying cute stationery and putting them on my desk when I’m working (this often includes things like sticky notes, note books, paper and pens) it makes me feel like a Girl Boss and it increases my productivity. Be sure to stock on stationery too as the last thing you want is to start doing your work then find it impossible to get something done because you can’t find a simple pen to jot things down. Do you like flowers? If so buy yourself fresh flowers every week and if you love a beautiful candle lit up on your desk when you read a book then light a candle. 

4) Dress Summery and Do Fun Things: 

Don’t wear the most boring, dull clothes and outfits over this next part of Summer and expect to have the best Summer ever! Truly make an effort to make the most of out this season by wearing your floral dresses, wear your bicycle shorts and your cute coloured tops and t-shirts, buy two new swimsuits and head to the beach (or the swimming pool) at least once or twice over the latter part of Summer and enjoy yourself. Give yourself permission to go for a couple of day trips! You’re not that busy! And if you are clear your schedule. Visit two new cities/states, go to Italy for a few days, visit an Art Gallery, meet up with some old friends, go shopping for new sunshades, get your nails done, add highlights to your hair, get a massage done, take your nieces and nephews to the park. I don’t know! You decide...but these at least you can’t say that you don’t have ideas that you can’t try out over the remaining weeks of Summer.