Pillow Thoughts By Courtney Peppernell

"But the world is exhausted, and the only wealth we have left is love" - Peppernell

     Courtney Peppernell's dynamic book of poetry, Pillow Thoughts, was a puzzling read for me, start to finish. As Peppernell brilliantly organizes her simple yet deep poetry into aesthetic categories, I find it hard to find originality in some parts of her book. I believe that it is unfair of me to say that book is predictable, but you really have to be in a certain (depressed) state of mind to enjoy this read. Nonetheless, I believe that one can find this novel meaningful and full of purpose if they are willing to work on themselves as an individual. It is hard to miss the heartache and longing for acceptance in Peppernell's poetic words, and I personally believe this is a message that can touch every reader. Additionally, I found some of the pages filled with "cheesy" content, but was still a fan of the sentences that emphasized the need for self love and care, as I myself am a connoisseur of "feel-good reads". Regardless of my opinion, I am grateful and proud of Courtney Peppernell for her vulnerability and outpouring of emotions into a published work. It is not my place to say if her poetry deals with her own personal experience, but I believe that everyone can agree that the author really does have dedication to her craft and a serious talent for writing.  

      Another aspect I want to touch upon is my appreciation of the organization of her poetry, as it allows the reader to efficiently flip to the words that is supposed to magically cure their heartache and troubles. With the beginning of every chapter title being "If", Peppernell ultimately leaves the responsibility of interpretation and growth to the reader. My personal criteria for a "good novel" is first and foremost if the novel forces the reader to think for days on end (which is exactly what Peppernell accomplishes). I guarantee that my criteria is far from accurate but I'm curious to discover what actually defines the rubric of a "good read."

      As I conclude my judgmental spiel on Courtney Peppernell's writing, I believe that Pillow Thoughts is a good read for everyone at some point in their lifetime, because no matter how much we try to believe that we are Beyonce, God will always leave room for improvement. Although I originally intended to find everything wrong with Peppernell's poetry, I find it hard to criticize a read that makes me question my own journey to self-actualization. I'm not quite sure if I enjoyed this book because it was an easy read or because it was basically a Nicholas Sparks movie, but nonetheless I found it refreshing to hear that I am not the only one lost at times. As I leave you with my final thoughts of this book I want to also leave one of my favorite lines: "Be kind to yourself, the way you would want someone you love." -Peppernell.

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