Daily Habits to Integrate Into Your Daily Routine


It is no question that life can be absolutely madness most of the times. From our commitments to trying to maintain some sort of order and sanity, please take a moment to applaud yourself for even waking up this morning. With that said, I am here to provide you with some easy and important habits that I believe will benefit you in the long run. 


  1. Journaling: This famous and obvious option I something that I believe is for everyone. Whether you love to write or are never able to make it to a notebook, I believe that taking time out of your day to simply write what is on your heart is one of the healthiest forms of communication with yourself. 


  1. Meditation: The taboo nature around meditation is quite understandable and I want to emphasize the fact that meditation comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether its allowing yourself "Me Time" during your busy schedule or indulging into your favorite read, meditation does not have to include candles and yoga (although these things are great things to consider!)


  1. Water Drinking: This idea has been said a thousand times but it truly is proven that drinking water has so many benefits both mentally and physically. You can track your water intake through so many apps or even just a notebook! 


These three habits are something that can be integrated into a super busy schedule but the bottom line is that you should never forget to consider your mental health when trying to achieve your goals. Whether you unwind in your time watching Netflix or going for a run, taking time to grow yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually is so important. There are also so many fun ways to track your habits! This method not only allows you to keep yourself accountable, but lets you look back at all your progress. Thanks for reading!