Back to School Sneakers


No time is better than now to get a new pair of kicks to boost your confidence walking into the beginning of a school year. This year more than ever sneakers have become a staple in the fashion world incorporated by a diverse spread of outfits from dresses to work out wear. With many design options and brands to sport on the first day, check out some of these sneakers that will help sport your outfits flawlessly this year. 

steve madden.jpg

Steve Madden/// Steve Madden debuted their own sneaker line this past year that is something never seen before. These sneakers are wild, with polka dots, strips, and animal print all included in this eye grabbing design. The Steve Madden Cliff Multi Wedge Sneakers will be different than every person at school because of the brand. Unlike Nike, Under Armor, or even Converse, Steve Madden is a shoe brand that has not been seen in sneakers. 


Puma/// A common brand known for running shoes and cleats has now tagged along in the trend of dad sneakers, Puma. The big and bulky shoe is now being designed from the innovators of Puma. Another plus about Puma is that it is normally a little bit more inexpensive than Nike or Fila. The RS-X Tech Sneaker is a simple shoe that will go with every outfit and incorporate a vintage vibe on an outfit. 


Nike/// The Nike Air Max 200 Sneaker can be spotted from miles away. Because of their wild style they are not necessarily for every day. They have many bold colors that clash but continue to follow the dad shoes style. Unlike the Puma and Steve Madden these sneakers are meant to make a statement. These sneakers would be perfect for people who attend a school where uniforms are mandatory, so their outfit can pop and describe your style in one. 


Fila/// Fila was the first brand that introduced the bulky tennis shoe around look last summer. At first, many questioned the use of these so called “tennis shoes” and the male look on women. Now they have also included a new mesh style. The mesh and see through plastic has been seen before in clothes and heels but never in sneakers. This sock looking sneaker is a bold way to introduce an original trend into school.