How Meditation Can Help Your Physical and Mental Health


I have never put much thought into practicing mediation. I always thought it was something that wouldn’t work for me, so I didn’t ever bother with trying it out. I have many friends who swear by mediation and how it heals the mind and body and have been trying to convince me to give it a try! It wasn’t until one August night, that I realized the true power of meditation.

I had spent that summer suffering from insomnia. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t fall asleep, and I was also experiencing terrible headaches. It got to a point where I would have to take several Advil’s to help me stop having headaches, and eventually fall asleep however, I also would wake up several times at night. Feeling frustrated with my sleep schedule or lack thereof, I decided to give meditation a try and see if it would help me catch some much-needed Z’s. After scrolling through the app store, I came across an app called Insight Timer and figured that this app seemed great. Once I opened the app, I was surprised to see that they have guided meditations depending on your needs. From falling asleep to a quick meditation at your desk, they have it all!

I chose a deep sleep meditation that not only had good reviews but also was in the longer side in case it would take me a while to fall asleep. I can’t even tell you what was said throughout the meditation because I fell asleep before it finished! Success! The meditations also helped with my headaches causing me to no longer need to take Advil before heading to bed. For the first time all summer, I had no headaches and was falling and staying asleep!

It’s been two years since my summer of trying out meditation, and I still use the app on a weekly basis. Not only when I’m trying to fall asleep, but anytime I need a little mental pick me up. It truly works wonders. I believe we could all use a few minutes of meditation and for that, I recommend Insight Timer!