Delicate Jewelry


Way back in 2008, one of the most infamous trends used to be statement necklaces. Think about Cheetah Girls, Hannah Montana, and iCarly to help paint a picture of the fashion and jewelry that was prominent during that time.  Stores like Charming Charlie’s used to sell out of brightly colored jewelry due to their high demand. It was also was not unusual to see stacked bracelets and diamond rings as big as possible. This was also a time period of chevron and wild prints; let’s just all agree that we are more than happy that we are out of the early 2000’s style. Minimalism has been incorporated into home decoration and fashion. Simplicity has been a trend that has been used in jewelry now more than ever. Dainty circles and butterflies are some of the petite jewelry that is perfect to accessorize with plain or iconic outfit. 

circle rings.png

Circles // The simplicity and perfection of a circle is something that is very attractive to the human eye. One of the best ways that the circle trend has been incorporated has been rings. Jewelry ranges in many different prices but some of the best affordable ones include Forever 21, Nordstrom Rack, and ASOS. Circles are also used in necklaces and can be accessorized in sophisticated looks. 

Butterflies // Butterflies are an infamous trend that are now seen in jewelry. Gold is perfect for the butterflies because it makes the jewelry look more expensive than you may have payed for it. Send a little love to our beautiful butterflies on the earth and buy these cute accessories.