Your Fall Playlist


This is your Fall 2k19 playlist,

 This playlist was made to put you into that toasted marshmallows, shoes crunching leaves into the ground, sweater weather mood. Music sets the tone for any event or season, Fall is the time to reinvent yourself and look forward to new moments. Not all of these songs were released this year, but are more for setting the initial tone of Autumn. 

Sales- Pope is a rockstar

Slender Bodies - Anemone

Japanese Breakfast - Road Head 

Keshi - atlas

The beginning of this playlist is a soft dip into the feeling of colder days, it’s a time to relax and watch movies under the blankets. These songs signify that immense change from active and carefree summer. 

Lana Del Rey -  How to disappear 

Willow -  Marceline 

Djo - Roddy

The Middle of this playlist creates a slight increase in cheerfulness. When you’re really vibing with the moment and things are going well, driving down the 405 and just having an overall good time. 

Girl in Red- Bad idea! / We fell in love in october 

Mk.gee - Roll with the punches

Generationals - Put a light on

The end of the playlist is really the climax, the most exciting 

And high tempo songs are located here, because while fall can be quiet and relaxing it also has it’s adrenaline pumping moments.

Get ready for tacky halloween decorations, turtlenecks and scarves, cold mornings, and pumpkin spice!