Alaska's Parts Unknown


Planning a trip to Alaska from land can seem a bit daunting, spending a whole vacation outdoors, one state that is so much larger than the rest, but if you do it right, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!  

Most land dwellers land in Anchorage and use it as a base camp for the rest of their merry travels. From here you can take day trips to Whittier, Aleyska, Seward, Denali, and more. If you want to see Juneau or other prominent towns farther away know that Alaska is much bigger than it seems and to get there you would have to drive for 20 hours or take a plane. 

The simpler options of an eager explorer would be to start small and get a feel of the place by driving south to Portage and seeing the AWPC (animal wilderness protection conservation), It’s a great place to see all the animals that reside in Alaska in one location and spend quality time learning about them. In Portage you can also go down to the docks and take a small 1 hour boat ride to see breathtaking views of icebergs and glaciers, the tour guides are hilarious and truly care for the landscape they are taking you to. 

Aleyska is wonderful during both summer and winter for scenic views of water and land. There is a lift that takes you up to the top of the mountain where you can enjoy a wonderful meal and live music. 

Two hours past Anchorage comes the Whittier tunnel, here you pay a small fee to pass through the longest mountain tunnel in America, leading you to the only exit and entrance of the town of Whittier. From Whittier you can board a variety of cruises and spend the day hiking to reach the waterfalls above. 

One hour further is Seward, it’s a small yet amazing town where most people go to get on 6-10 hour wildlife and glacier cruises, these rides are definitely worth checking out while visiting Alaska. 

North of Anchorage comes Talkeetna, Denali, and Fairbanks.  This is your chance to catch the Northern Lights!! These places are breathtaking all filled with hours of scenic views and campgrounds. You can make the 12 hour drive through Denali up to Fairbanks and back down to Anchorage with a few pit stops here and there, maybe even a days worth of camping, to check all the sites off your list quickly! Beware of wildfires and rain on your schedule though, you never know what roads may close down due to weather conditions! 

Back in Anchorage you can visit town favorites like the Earthquake forest, Small Plane Airport, Snow City Cafe, and dozens of more wonderful shops and eateries while you relax in the late hours of the day. 

All in all it is a wonderful place to experience and check off your bucket list. Take in the great outdoors and experience the last frontier. 

Safe travels. Welcome to Alaska!