The Last Year


Highschool drones on and on until suddenly you’ve reached your last year and you don’t know how you got there so fast. Senior year is a time for big decisions, but also the time to live to the fullest. Applying to colleges while trying to end highschool with a high GPA tends to put some stress onto people, but if you plan it right you’ll cruise through the next 9 months.  

What most assume about the application process is that they need to start it as early as possible or else they’ll never be able to complete everything on time and have the chance to go over it. Realistically common app only requires background information and then your major essay. That essay can be split into simple paragraphs that you can manipulate into short essays for other colleges. There’s no need to start at the beginning of summer, you don’t even have to start at the end of summer, as long as you give yourself a months notice you’ll get it done. 

Applying to private colleges and UC’s do require taking the extra step of using separate websites for each program and filling out certain questions that come only with that college. 

Make sure to turn everything in on time and check in with your counselors on multiple occurences to see if they have everything going for them too. Always send thank you notes to the teachers that have written/are writing your letters of rec, don’t want to get on their bad side! 

The application process is much easier than it first appears, so don’t stress over it so much, instead spend more time enjoying your last year of highschool. The year where you get to lay back the most and rule over the rest of the school!! 

Be spontaneous, be troublesome, pull off as many senior pranks as you can, and most importantly, cherish the time you have with your friends.Although you still have to persevere through senior classes and the wait up until january to see what school you’re headed towards, realize that this is the year to do all you want.