5 Affordable Beauty Brands You Need To Know

Image via  @kikomilanousa

Image via @kikomilanousa


1. KIKO Milano

The most fabulous of affordable beauty brands. Beautifully designed packages and great quality makes it worth way more than you actually have to pay for it. For those of us that can’t afford splurging in Sephora but want to feel a little bit more glamorous, it’s the perfect compromise.

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Check out this magnetic eyeshadow $16 (available in 6 colors)
Check out this Water Eyeshadow $12 (available in 24 colors)
Check out this Smart Fusion Lipstick $6 (available in 27 colors)

2. MakeUp Revolution

This under-appreciated drugstore brand keeps surprising me with its top-notch products. This make-up brand founded in London provides its customers with great, high quality products for a very affordable price that equal the big designer brands.

Check out this “Fortune Favours The Brave” Eyeshadow Palette $17.96
Check out this Unicorn Elixir Liquid Highlighter $10.78
Check out this Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit $6.30

3. BH Cosmetics

If you’re confused by their low prices and luxurious-looking products all you have to do is scroll down the comments section, which boasts all promising reviews. I have bought a few items myself and have to admit I was never disappointed. Plus, they have amazing sales- so keep your eyes out for those!

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Check out this “Galaxy Chic” Eyeshadow Palette $15.99
Check out this “Rose Romance” Brush Set $23.99
Check out this Vegan Brush Set (Face) $15.99

4. Organic Shop

A worthy substitute of The Body Shop that’s less pricey, but not less effective. Treat yourself to a pamper night with hair masks, face gels and body mousses without spending a fortune.

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Check out this Organic Aloe & Bamboo Face Gel Mask €2.95
Check out this Organic Lichee & Oils Body Cream €6.20
Check out this Organic Neroli & Frangipani Body Mousse €5.55

5. Essence

Its products are more often than not vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Plus free shipping with every order over $15! Essence was the brand that helped me start my adventure with make-up and keeps helping me on this wild voyage to this day. Inexpensive and simple, all you need when a light touch is what you’re going for.