A Guide to Self-Care: Winter Break Edition

For college students, winter break is a saving grace from the madness that is finals. Being able to temporarily step away from school to celebrate the holidays restores a lot of the energy lost during the trying semester. It is a time to indulge in the food and time spent with family and friends. However, it is also important to keep in mind that this time is a great opportunity to focus on your mental health before another grueling semester. Self-care is essential to having a healthy mindset and being able to go out there and tackle anything. Here are a few tips on what to do in your free time during this winter break to prepare for another semester.

Photo by  ian dooley  on  Unsplash

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Clean your living space // The first step to getting your life together is tidying up. Living in a messy space can make it harder to stay motivated to keep up with everything else. Try to dedicate time to re-organize things that have been piling up, or finish that load of laundry that has been held off. The best way to finish cleaning a room is by lighting your favorite candle and relaxing in a refreshing space. Not only is this a time to clean your living space, but also for clearing your school bag and preparing it for the next semester. Random papers tend to pile up in school bags, so this step can be a final release of the previous semester. Doing this ahead of time makes going back a lot less stressful.

Photo by  Jared Rice  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Pamper yourself // Dedicating a night or two to pampering a great way to show yourself some much needed TLC. Everyone’s preference is different, but a lot of people enjoy long showers and special attention to grooming. There are so many ways to make you feel brand new -- using hair/face masks, trying out a new body scrub, or if you enjoy baths, try out using bath bombs or essential oils. After cleansing your body, the focus on revitalizing your skin is a must to completing this pampering time.

Photo by  Jessica Mulder  on  Unsplash

Do what you love // This is another tip that is going to be different for everyone. It is important to stress that this is important to remember when given any free time – now is the time to do what you are not able to when busy with assignments, work, or internships. This can be catching up on your favorite Netflix series, going to the movies, reading an enticing book, listening to new artists, playing instruments – the list goes on. Concentrating on doing what makes you happy is important and often forgotten about when stressed about various things. We can sometimes forget to do what makes us feel good inside, so this is a reminder to try to fulfill what makes your heart happy.

These simple tips can truly help you maintain a positive mindset, which is much needed when going into another semester. Mental health is an issue that is often overlooked, especially for students that are trying to do so many things at once. It is a busy time, but it is important to remember that your mental health must come first. Living a life that is ambitious but also focused on keep a healthy mind frame is the key to succeeding. It is hard to go through every day if you are unhappy, and it can lead to many serious problems. Take this time to relax and keep in mind that you are important.    

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