Best Fashion Trends of 2017

Photo by  Hannah Morgan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

     The fashion of 2017 was inspired by Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Blake Lively, the Jenner twins, and other style icons who created many iconic looks this year. The theme of "comfort" was carried on from 2016 to 2017. Fashion this year can be described in one word: empowerment. Fashion was made known as a way to express yourself, and for those all around the world it has become more eminent to dress as you want. Since everyone wanted to differentiate themselves from others, many styles were created for others to follow this year. Here are some of the most popular. Did you wear them?

Embroidery // Floral prints embroidered into denim was extremely popular this spring season. It was boring and unoriginal to have jeans be skinny and dark. Stitching on denim provides a way to spice up an outfit. It creates a casual but cute touch that adds personality to an outfit. The more stitching and rips that your denim was equipped with this season, the better!

The Wildflower Shop  Elisha Ruffle Sleeves Knit Top, $38

The Wildflower Shop Elisha Ruffle Sleeves Knit Top, $38

Sleeves // Although they may not be the most functional addition to a top, big peplum sleeves were a must have this summer. This trend continued into the fall season by adding a fabulous touch to sweaters. There are many different sleeves that can create a unique look; ruffled, tiered, balloon shape, and overlapping. The smallest change to a top will make you the most stylish girl on your Instagram feed.

Fur // Rihanna introduced the fur fad with her Fenty Puma slides, the simple and comfortable shoes that were an essential to any athletic girl. How Rihanna used fur in shoes then led to puff balls, used in key chains, shoes, and earrings, which added a bold statement accessory to a look. As seen recently fur has been incorporated into jackets, True Grit and I.AM.GIA, are two extremely popular warm jackets for the winter season.

Tracksuits/athletic wear // It would be incorrect if anyone said that Adidas, Calvin Klein, Champion, Puma, FILA, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vans aren’t the most wanted clothes this year. It is humorous that Champion, which was once found in Kroger, are now being sold in Urban Outfitters for double the price. Although to some people it might seem like a waste of money to buy comfort clothes for a high price, it makes the most sense because cozy clothes are worn look by all Americans daily. A way for people to be comfortable yet stylish is the utopia of fashion to most. Head to toe brands are the best way to show your athletic side while not forgetting the cute, stylish part of your outfit.

Free People  Choose Me Velvet Mini

Free People Choose Me Velvet Mini

Velvet // Everything was velvet this year, from shoes, dresses, skirts, shorts, jackets, and backpacks. Velvet for high schoolers was shown throughout winter formals all around the world. It gives off the appearance of being rich and fancy, but little does one know it is sold in Forever 21 and other less expensive stores. This luxe trend will continue into 2018 and continue to style the chic and sophisticated.

Chokers // The best accessory to wear last year was a dainty choker. The perfect sparkle to a look. A simple pendent or stars along the neck gives off an edgy vibe that looks elegant. In 2017, the less the better seemed to be essential for jewelry, and large statement necklaces weren’t seen as much as in previous years. Chokers are wonderful for all because it is worn by every style; edgy, bohemian, chic, vintage, tomboy and sexy.

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