New Year, New Home Decor

Image via  @oh.eight.oh.nine

Have you ever heard the catchphrase “New Year, New Me”? I bet you’ve even used it more than once to motivate yourself to do better every single year. Usually by “me,” we mean new body and soul; the absence of negativity and a lot more positivity and hard work towards success. So what if instead of a haircut or new sports shoes (because of course you’d work out more from now on) you changed the environment you lived in?

Whether you live with your parents, in a college dorm room or an apartment of your own, ahead you shall find some home décor trends that may inspire you to redecorate your space and some examples of object that may help you with the task (will work as gift ideas just as well). Let the small details do the big work!

MARBLE // It’s impossible to escape this ever-growing trend and we’re glad to follow it, because it’s gorgeous. Rich and bourgeoisie without the heavy feel of overwhelming baroque. Classy and subtle in letting everyone know you know what’s in vogue.

Pillows & Covers

Photo via  Clem Onojeghuo  on  Unsplash

Photo via Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

SPOOKY/WITCHCRAFT // Being interested in Wiccan and gaining power from our good ol’ Mother Earth isn’t associated with killings black cats and bloody rituals anymore and we’re glad to dive into the newly found knowledge and its glamorous aspects. Get your freak on and add some spooky quirkiness to your surroundings.

Travel Mugs

Photo via  Igor Ovsyannykov  on  Unsplash

ART DECO // Roaring 20s are almost upon us again and why not look back and get inspired by the timeless trends from the previous century? Glamorous, iconic and discreetly eye-catching home decor that will match its equally fabulous inhabitant.



Photo via  Katlyn Giberson  on  Unsplash

BOHEMIAN // Cozy, a little avant-garde and insanely stylish- the bohemian decor is making its comeback, even though it never truly left. Let yourself wander without getting lost and let your room reflect the adventure.

Storage Basket