The Undeniable Life is an online community started by Anna T., and it all started in 2013. The Undeniable Life aims to connect and encourage girls and young women to creatively build their personal brands through networking and self-expression. We cover everything from fashion to fitness to relationships, but there's more to it than what meets the eye.  

At our core, we are a network. We are a network of girls from coast to coast, and even across the seas.

We encourage girls to be themselves, and to take risks in order to achieve their dreams. Join our community, and create life-long connections and friendships with like-minded #girlbosses from around the world.

Read below to hear a story that represents who we are, and the magic of  Undeniable Life!

Our Story...

Once upon a time, there was a high school girl from a suburb of NYC, Anna Tselevich.

Anna decided to escape from her local community and delve into the virtual one of young women and bloggers from across the world. She started a collective magazine written by bloggers that she would put together every month in a Word Document. She was amazed at how quickly it grew, and decided it was time to grow and transition into a website.

The Undeniable Report was born. The Undeniable Report was the first attempt at creating a website that encompassed everything she stood for and wanted to provide to the teenage girl community. Anna learned from her errors and saw what worked and what didn't work, and decided it was time to make it official and transition into The Undeniable Life. Now she runs The Undeniable Life with a great team of girls, who include some of her best friends. The Undeniable Life is a community, and because of it, girls from around the country and world have found friendship in one another that they wouldn't have without it. 

Anna found a beautiful friendship of her own through Undeniable Life, and it was with Carrie Carlisle. Carrie came onto the Undeniable Team during our Undeniable Report days. She started as a writer, but she ended up helping with everything from administrative tasks to editing the occasional article and social media posts. When Anna graduated high school, she knew she was going to need help managing everything. When it was decided to transition to Undeniable Life, she offered her best friend Carrie the position of VP of Operations. 

Read below to hear how their friendship started!

when anna met carrie...

Way back when, there was a (fantastic) show on USA called White Collar. (Go watch it now). Anna l-o-v-e-d White Collar, but didn't have anyone who could relate to her on that... until one day she was scrolling through Pinterest and saw a blog post featuring it as a blogger's "favorite show". Of course, she clicked on it. She was directed to Carrie On Blogs, a blog written by Carrie Carlisle. One comment led to another, and before the two knew it they were texting on a daily basis. 

Carrie and Anna's friendship only grew more and more as they began working together to grow Undeniable. Countless phone calls, emails, and video chat sessions have led to a best-friendship that can't even be affected by the 1,531 miles that lie between them.

After nearly 2 years the two finally had the time and the means to see one another. Anna flew to Texas on June 1 of  2016, and the rest is history...


Founder/ - Anna Tselevich

Anna is a sophomore in college. She blogs at Undeniably Anna. She describes herself as a budding entrepreneur, and runs her own social media management and web design business. She loves sailing, sweet tea, knitting, and a good book. She can not wait for what lies ahead for Undeniable, and looks forward to meeting more great people along the way!



VP of OperationsCarrie Carlisle

Carrie is a senior in high school living in southeast Texas. She is a self-proclaimed social media addict, sweet tea-holic, and an avid Gilmore Girls enthusiast. Find her at Carrie On Blogs!


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Managing EditorStephanie Libertucci

Stephanie is a senior in high school living in New Jersey. When not working on ULife, Steph watches way too many crime shows and attends a lot of Broadway shows. Follow her journey on instagram @stephanielibertucci


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